I remember waking up about 6 weeks ago with a really itchy red spot on my chest , naturally, I thought it was a mosquito bite. I mean it is Summer after all where I’m from so I dismissed it and went on with my day.

About a week later I step out of the shower but it’s different than usual my entire chest is covered in red spots and I can’t stop scratching myself. So in my mind, I start blaming one of my chronic meds for a possible side effect.

I end up going to my G.P and he says to me it’s an allergy so he prescribes allergy medicines and I think it’ll get better. Haha jokes on me a few days later I’m back in his brother’s office and he tells me he honestly doesn’t know , I appreciate his honesty, though. He sends me on my way with stronger meds.

Finally, week 5 hits and I can’t take it anymore , my arms are covered in these spots that have now gone scaly and brown. New spots are appearing on my legs, back while my arms and torso have them on as well.

My G.P refers me to a dermatologist and I’m grateful for this because who wants to watch a grown girl scratch herself in public like some manic? So I make the appointment for the nearest date , which would’ve been the next week Wednesday.

However, my mom had urged me to rather go to the general Saturday appointment so I did just that. After about 2 hours of waiting I finally get to see the dermatologist , he checks and asks about any other conditions I may have I reply the usually “ Asthma and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension “

He gives me an injection , a lot of medication , a list of things to avoid and tips. He tells me if in one week it’s not better I need to return for a skin biopsy.

It has officially been 1 week later and I can now disclose that my diagnosis is Eczema. A part of me is happy that I know what exactly is wrong but another part is so pissed off.

My doctor defined eczema as: chronic , cannot be cured but can be cured. I have of course done research and the type of eczema I have is Nummular Eczema which according to Healthline “ is a rare skin condition… “

So here we go again with the rare illnesses more added to my already full plate. But like my other chronic conditions I’ll be taking this in my stride.

Until next time 🙂




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