When are you going to get a boyfriend? Why don’t you date anymore? You know when I was your age I was pregnant with my second child, don’t you think it’s your turn now?

Ladies, gentleman and anyone interested in what I blog about this is a part of my life! Everyone I know is either: looking for their life partner, engaged, planning a wedding, married or pregnant. Then there is me, Miss, forever alone. Tell me honestly: How many of you who are chronically ill find dating easy?

I have said this once and I will say it again: all the guys I’ve spoken to freak out and leave the moment I am honest about my health. And here I thought honesty was the best policy… Apparently not so much.

Looking for love or a decent relationship in the 21st century is already difficult. Add being chronically ill with a rare-incurable disease to the mix with Eczema & Asthma as an added bonus, and suddenly it becomes mission impossible.

So while I sometimes try to find a significant other I prefer to just leave it be. Because if I’m being honest it hurts more to be rejected for: something I never wanted nor asked for, something that is 60% of my life and that I can’t just stop as I see fit.

Yes, I’ve always dreamt of: walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white wedding dress, going on adventures with my future husband and having kids.But at what cost? So maybe one day I’ll find the person who is willing to deal with ALL of me, not just 40%. But until then romcoms is all I’ll have.

  1. Have you found your life partner? If yes how did you meet?
  2. What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone searching for their significant other? 


Until next time 🙂




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