The shopping mall…



Why can’t I just leave home with a handbag filled with all the things 20-something girls usually carry around?

This was the question that floated around in my head while I was packing up my trusty backpack. As I threw in my bottles of medication, emergency contact details and all that emergency details I sighed. Not a moment later my dad called me to their bedroom ” Can’t you find someone to go with you tomorrow? Like a friend ?” mom asked and so I had to explain that all my friends were busy according to my knowledge.

Usually, my sister would go with me but she just had a knee operation about a week and a half ago and my mom was taking her to get her clips removed. Dad was working so he obviously couldn’t go. So I opted to go alone knowing that my dad worked nearby in case I needed him.

The mall is busy on a Friday but my mom’s birthday was coming up and I had to buy her birthday presents as is tradition. I also had to sort out a few personal things so I had to go while I had the chance.

I was there a good few hours, and after the first hour I knew I had made a mistake but I put on a brave face and got my things done. Then I had a small meal where I finally sat for a long while.

Needless to say, 5608eb2b0a546e59909a8a74546f856dI knew doing normal everyday activities take up more ‘spoons’ for the chronically ill but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

I am in no rush to go to the mall anytime soon. I needed 48hours of rest to make up for lost spoons so I think I’ll do things at my pace…


What ‘normal’ activities make you lose tons of spoons? Are you a fan of the mall?


Until next time 🙂




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