Day 9 of 21…

1f6242741812816aa31e30309d9e85a5They say it takes 21 days for a habit to be created.

I don’t know who they are but I’ll test that theory out for myself.

On 20th March 2017, I had finally started my weight loss journey. One that will hopefully bring me joy but answers as well. You see people so easily blame chronic illness on weight and now I want to test it for myself. I want to see if a lighter me would have fewer health issues.

And so as I write this post I am on day 9 of 21. I am sore, I am exhausted and I am praying for strength.

I have to push through constant pain and fatigue to see whether losing weight really is a cure. While it may bring in happiness for me, I am praying it brings in good health as well.       fa3a5624849fb4384dc0ae55ed5dc77d



So fingers crossed it all works out.

How is everyone doing? How was March for you?




Until next time 🙂




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