Let’s lose some weight…

Weight is a tricky subject. You can end up stepping on so many people’s toes just by mentioning the word.  sweat-fat-crying-700_0

But I think it’s something I need to address. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension is a rare chronic illness, the treatment options are limited which sucks because honestly, I’m sick and tired of Diamox. But anyway there’s always that one thing that doctor’s think will cure you that my dearest friends is weight loss. I don’t want to get into it too much because it brings up tons of emotions so I’ll leave it there.

So basically I’ve heard that losing weight could put me in remission, I want to be in remission I want my freedom back I want the ability to be able to walk in a mall without being exhausted and drained. So I decided I’d lose weight.

Now it’s easier said than done, I’m a snacker I love salty foods ( I’ve got low blood pressure ) so I naturally snack on Lays Lightly Salted or Willard’s Salt & Vinegar it’s so good. I am also a chocolate lover. This makes eating healthy harder than usual because I could have a healthy meal but end up eating an entire chocolate slab of my choice.  b314ace3af50e58b6d896df4218db3a3







But here’s the good news every morning without fail I’m up by 7 am, I get ready and I’m off to gym with my sister and friends. This is so much better than doing it alone because firstly I need someone around me who knows my health history who can help if something does go wrong, secondly, it motivates me more and thirdly I’ve got company so I’m not the only one jogging or doing burpees.  2865de61714bb778566a4bd8a769d271










So here’s hoping losing a few kilograms will put me in remission and get me back to feeling ‘normal’.

Until next time 🙂




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